The Best L.A VIP Car Service To Greek Festivals In L.A 2018

The Best L.A VIP Car Service To Greek Festivals In L.A 2018

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With the best car service in Los Angeles, your trip to the Greek Festivals 2018 will be easy as you enjoy your stay in the city of angels and celebrities. In this city dedicated to the 7th Art, The L.A VIP Car Services, very well placed, are at your disposal.

The Los Angeles Greek Festival is the biggest as well as major iconic Greek wine and food festival in LA, California; L.A VIP Car Service is indeed one of the means of bringing together the above 15,000 people over a 3 day weekend of Greek food, wine, traditional Greek dances, and unique cultural experiences.

The Greek Festival Unites Residents

Located in Pico and Normandy on the grounds of one of St. Petersburg’s most beautiful and well-known Greek Orthodox cathedrals, the Saint Sophia Cathedral! The festival unites residents of the Byzantine-Latin American neighborhood with people employing the L.A VIP Car Service from all over downtown Los Angeles and Southern California.

Hosted with great and stunning honorary chairs and also co-hosts Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, the great weekend is indeed a must for popular live music, implausible home-cooked Greek food, dance, cathedral tours and more.

Over and again, the well-known Saint Sophia Los Angeles Greek Festival community gathers to support, honor and also donate their precious time as well as money to this very wonderful festival of faith, food, culture, and even dance. All of the proceeds will go to the St. Sophia Cathedral and the newly built and sprawling community center.

Not The Public Transport Means

The Huffington Center, and contribute to the development of the surrounding community. The best transportation to get to the Greek festival is a not the public transport means, but by the well-known L.A VIP Car Service. The tours of Sophia Cathedral, a wonderful religious gem and then the famous national landmark and also architectural will be held all through the Los Angeles Greek Festival weekend

Find L.A VIP Car Service at the international airport, as iconic places such as Venice Beach, Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. Browse the internet and select the best location to pick up your L.A VIP Car Service.

Enjoy An L.A VIP Car Service For Your Stay In The City Of Angels

Prepare your trip to Los Angeles now, with a simple and convenient online booking. Consult the page corresponding to your agency and find the opening hours. Renting a car in Los Angeles can also be done by phone, and the withdrawal of the L.A VIP Car Service can be done 24 hours a day.

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L.A VIP Car Service Traffic Information

In a city as big as LA, a transport service such as the L.A VIP Car Service is absolutely essential. However, be prepared to face heavy traffic on the city’s highways. Our advice? Remember to include a GPS in your rental vehicle and/or download the applications related to the traffic on your phone. Beware of speeding, highways are controlled. If you rent a car in Los Angeles, you will take the main highways regularly.

The famous 405, also called Santa Monica Freeway, is known for its panoramic views. Along the Pacific coast, it connects to the Ventura Highway, or Route 101. The latter provides access to Culver City, Skirball Cultural Center, or Westfield Mall. To avoid traffic jams, consider taking the I-5 directly through downtown Los Angeles.

Greek Festivals With Over A Dozen Events

The Greek festivals in Los Angeles and Southern California have come to stay, and with more than a dozen events in the valley in this very 2018, there are plenty of opportunities to experience Greek culture.

Almost all Greek Orthodox churches have many people to enjoy during the season; most events are free or cheap, so nothing can stop you from having fun.

If this is your very first Greek festival, do not be afraid to jump on the dance floor with everyone and learn on the fly. Although there are complex Greek dances, you can easily follow a few simple rules for Greek dance out there.

Rules For Greek Dance

Whether you are hoping for a partner or walking alone on the dance floor, the first rule of Greek dance is always to follow the leader. If a dance has many variations, there is no particular order to dance the steps, so the leader calls which step to do with the signals of his hand.

On the 22nd and 23rd of September, Saturday and Sunday, there will be a church tour out there at 13:00 and 17:00 or you can as well check for the time if you are not sure of this fact. The Greek folk dance starts on both days at 17:00.


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Lastly, the LA is Famous for the diversity of its workforce; LA is an important business center. And again, the City of Angels is not only a true leader in festivals or the popular entertainment niche. It is also a pioneer in some other sectors like fashion and biomedical, and with the LA VIP car service, you are sure to have the Greek festivals and also enjoy some other LA spots if you want.