What are the benefits of choosing a car services company rather than a car rental company?

What are the benefits of choosing a car services company rather than a car rental company?

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Are you unsure whether to rent a car or hire the services of a car services company? We might be biased, but in this post, we will walk you through the reasons why we believe that a car services company is the ideal option for any occasion!

Convenience: this one is easy. If you book with a car rental company, you’ll need to decide who will drive. Most often, that person is going to be you. Unless you love driving and dealing with traffic, booking with LA VIP Car Service is your best option. If we start talking about the pick-up and drop-off services that we offer, the convenience aspect will be even more relevant to your decision. 

  • Cost-benefit: if you rent a car, you also need to purchase rental insurance. Otherwise, necessary car repair costs could be high. Combining all of the fees involved in renting a car makes it worth it to hire the services of a car services company. After all, paying a little extra for the perk of having your own driver could go a long way.
  • Low-risk: when you hire the services of LA VIP Car Service, you should be sure that our drivers are trained in safety and risk management. There’s no other feeling like knowing that you’re being taken to your destination by an experienced driver who is familiar with the vehicle you’re in. 
  • Luxury: in everyday life, work is a must. However, work is not all there is. It is important to know when to enjoy life! Allowing yourself the opportunity to indulge in what makes you happy is a great way to make great memories. LA VIP Car Service offers you service of excellence and quality, luxurious vehicles.

Book with LA VIP Car Service to experience real luxury!


Why is LA VIP Car Service the best option for your holidays?

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At the end of the year, there are many different holidays that people can choose to celebrate. With Christmas and New Year’s being the most popular ones, thousands of people travel between cities and states to join friends and family to celebrate.

Now that we are putting the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, life has a lot that is worth celebrating. Career milestones, academic achievements, and family relationships are only some examples of the many accomplishments that can be celebrated. Even the smallest step can be considered significant progress toward goals. 

As a family-owned business, LA VIP shares all of these values and celebrates the beauty of life with customers. LA VIP is the best option for your holidays because we provide much more than just car service. With our excellent customer service, we provide you with a chance to feel part of our family. If this doesn’t convince you, how about convenience? By booking with us, you will experience being able to reach your destination without having to drive or take care of the car. Our drivers are trained to provide you with a smooth, comfortable ride. 

Why worry about having to change the oil in your car or making sure that your tires are in good condition when you can just relax? 

Leave your car at home. Book with us. We can guarantee that this is the best option for you.

Book now!

How to make LAX airport transfers stress FREE

How to make LAX airport transfers stress FREE

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In Los Angeles, airport transfers can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area or the transportation options. Here are a few tips from LA VIP Car Service to make your airport transfer stress-free:

  1. Plan and book your transportation in advance. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your ride is confirmed, and you won’t have to worry about it when you’re trying to catch your flight.
  2. Choose a reliable company with good reviews. Many transportation companies offer airport transfer services, so do your research and choose one that has good reviews and is reliable.
  3. Make sure to communicate your needs. When you book your transportation, be sure to let the company know if you have any special requirements, such as needing a car seat for a child or needing assistance with luggage.
  4. Allow extra time. When traveling, it’s always best to plan for the unexpected and allow spare time for things like traffic or weather delays. This way, you won’t be rushed, and you’ll be less likely to miss your flight.
  5. Relax and enjoy the ride. Once you’re in the car, sit back and relax. Enjoy the scenery and take some deep breaths to calm your nerves. Remember that you’ve got this and you’ll be at your destination in no time!
    Airport transfers don’t have to be stressful. By following these tips, you can sit back and relax while someone else takes care of the driving—Book Now at LA VIP CAR SERVICE.
Should You Get A Cab Or A Chauffeured Car Service To Attend Events?

Should You Get A Cab Or A Chauffeured Car Service To Attend Events?

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Are you confused about whether you should choose a cab or a private car to go to the Gipsy Kings event at the Greek theatre? Well, we are here to assist you in making a wise decision by telling you about both modes of transport. So, get on board to have more insight!

Cab Vs. Chauffeured Car

Let’s talk about cabs first. The best part about taking a taxi is that it is cheap and doesn’t strain your budget. Other than that, it has many downsides, especially if you are considering going to an event where you can’t afford to be late. Cabs stop at every point to get in more passengers until the end where the cab gets all stuffy.

Plus, the whole time that goes in hailing a cab is another headache. Moreover, there might be hygiene issues such as the seats, or the floor won’t be clean as cab drivers don’t care much about it. Lastly, the driver you get might be an addict, alcoholic, or ex-convict; you can never know.

On the other hand, chauffeured cars from LA VIP car services are highly reliable and convenient. First of all, you won’t have to go through the trouble of hailing a cab. You just have to book your car, and the chauffeur will be at your doorstep before you know it.

Secondly, you will have a comfortable ride with no other passengers elbowing you. Lastly, the company will provide you with all the details and background information of the chauffeur. So, you will be sure about who you are riding with. Oh, and chauffeurs are held responsible by their company for any unhealthy behavior or unhygienic practices.


If you want a hassle-free ride that will get you to your destination on time, then we recommend going for the LA VIP car service. It will not only save your time but also give you peace of mind.

5 Advantages Of Booking LA VIP Online

5 Advantages Of Booking LA VIP Online

Affordable price with luxury car Airport services Car Services Corporate Accounts Corporate Travel Hourly car service LA Highlights and VIP Car Service luxury car

Why must one book LA VIP car service? There is an increase in the use of cabs recently. People love to book online cabs to take drop-offs to certain areas. With the business growing, you can now book a business pickup or dropoff to go wherever you wish to. The question is, what benefits can the customers avail by booking a cab online? With the world modernizing, many possibilities have been provided, one of which is online cabs. Talking about the benefits, it has some uncountable benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Availability Of The LA VIP CAR SERVICE:

The most important benefit that an online reservation offers is 24-hour availability. A person does not need to wonder how to travel at any time as the cab will always be available at service. The waiting is frustrating enough, but with the cab, you do not have to wait. The driver can give you a minimal estimate as the nearest drivers are mostly connected; hence, it is quicker and easier than any other means. The all-time availability plays a vital role in winning over the market. So no matter if you want to book Car Service to Los Angeles Airport or book a bus to a nearby library, we have got it all covered!

Reasonable Fare Charged:

With the increase in the market, the reputations of each company are neck to neck. Every company tries to serve its customers with the best, so the average market price is comparatively affordable, thus making it convenient for users to book hourly car services. The companies not only keep their prices low but serve you with the best ride. All the money spent seems worth the ride.

Insurance Guaranteed:

You do not need to worry about any accident or damage to the car that might happen. The cab driver is responsible for anything that happens to the car and, even in some cases, to the passenger. 

Easy Way Of Booking:

Booking a LA VIP  is not at all a difficult task. It just takes the need to fill in some details and some taps. The next thing you do is relax in the cab during the drive. So what are you waiting for? Book a business pick-up or drop-off online cab today through apps and websites within 5 – 10 minutes.

Calm And Easy:

You do not have to stress the traffic that might come in the way or long routes you need to cover as the online LAX VIP service got it for you.

Contact us today at https://lavipcarservice.com/ and get your town car in your footsteps within a few minutes.

Why You Should Hire LA VIP Car Service

Why You Should Hire LA VIP Car Service

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No matter if you’re traveling tourist destination with friends or family, for business, or just a short trip by yourself, renting a car from Las Angeles VIP Car Service is the best way to have a stress-free journey.

While hiring a VIP car service in LA, you need not only a clean, well-maintained, and prompt car waiting for you at your pick-up destination, but also expect to get an extremely peaceful and exciting journey. That’s where we are the BEST. Our drivers are licensed, highly professional and skilled, and follow all travel protocols to make your trip as comfortable as it can get.

We provide the best car service airport drop-offs and pick-ups even during the pandemic. The LAX airport is the busiest in LA because it’s near to LA’s top tourist attractions. If you’re a resident of LA or a visitor and want a car service to or from LAX airport, you’re just a call away from having a nice car at your service within a few minutes.

The greatest advantage of LA VIP Car Service is that you can choose from a whole range of premium cars according to your needs. Whether you need a spacious 11-passenger van to embark on a holiday tour with your friends or want an Executive SUV to head to a business meeting or a wedding, or you wish to travel in a TESLA luxury car, we GOT YOU COVERED. You can get any car of your choosing at competitive rates.

We take pride in providing the best travel facilities to all customers moving anywhere in LA. Contrary to what many people think, luxury car service is not an expensive bargain as it gives you value for money. LA VIP Car Service provides way better service than public transport and makes sure the client gets in the car, sits back, relaxes, and let the professional driver do the job without worrying about anything. Lastly, VIP Car Service in LA is a luxurious, super-comfortable, and safer car service to make your journey a smooth and unforgettable experience. You can count on us for any kind of travel within LA.

Ride and Arrive in style by LA Vip Car Service!

Ride and Arrive in style by LA Vip Car Service!

Corporate Accounts Corporate Travel LA Highlights and VIP Car Service MSTRKRFT

Your style is important to us. For MSTRKEFT event on Saturday, October 19th, the La Vip car service specialist drivers with the luxury car may quickly get you there so that you can concentrate on your dress code style. Here are some recommendations for your form: Dress code strictly enforced — no sandals or flip-flops. No shorts, baggy jeans or tank tops with sleeveless shirts. Tennis shoes and jeans are ok. Fashionable attire always preferred

We’re open every hour, as specified. LA VIP Car Service is among the best recommended and many knowledgeable and flexible services in Los Angeles. Our goal from La Vip Car Service is to give the most dependable and best car transportation support for MSTRKRFT event. Our rates are offered with no charges, and no cost increases like any other service out there. Our economical options are cheaper than cab fares to from the game’s locations.

For the transportations, you can trust LA VIP car services and their costs. All rates are confirmed during the time of booking. 

Find Out What is like When You Use LA VIP Chauffeur Service in Los Angeles

Find Out What is like When You Use LA VIP Chauffeur Service in Los Angeles

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First, what’s the difference between a driver and a chauffeur? Many people think the term chauffeur is just a classier reference to a motorist. Nevertheless, that isn’t the case. The fact is that the gap between a chauffeur and a driver is much more than what is in a definition-it is more the definition of service. Drivers exist to send you from one place to another location. That is their primary job as a driver. Drivers aren’t being paid to ensure you’re comfortable, not too hot, not too cold and happy with the way they drive. You’re paying them to do one thing get you from point A to point B with no frills or amenities.

Chauffeurs will also be drivers, but with lots of exceptions. They’re a lot more than only an individual behind the wheel that forgets about their passenger once they begin driving to location B. LA VIP Chauffeurs are consummate professionals who push you with fashion, comfort, and luxury in mind. Moreover, should they work for our chauffeur service in LA, we guarantee they’re the very best in the business. Chauffeurs carry your baggage drivers don’t, chauffeurs close and open doors to you. Drivers do not.

LA VIPs chauffeurs will take the more scenic course on how to your desired location should you wish. Drivers do not. LA VIPs chauffeurs are amazingly conscientious about arriving at your destination with time to spare. Drivers will take you where you’re going. , Hungry or thirsty throughout the trip? Ask LA VIP’s chauffeur, and you’ll be enjoying your favored food or beverage in virtually no time. Whenever you employ our motorist service in LA only one time, you will wonder how you ever managed life with no.

You Can Count On The LA VIP Car Services Always

You Can Count On The LA VIP Car Services Always

Airport services Corporate Accounts LA Highlights and VIP Car Service

You Can Count On LA VIP Car Services To Deliver You And Your Guest To The Upcoming EMMYS Awards On MON Sept 17.

The 70th Emmy Awards will be presented on Monday, September 17 at a ceremony to be presented by Colin Jost and Michael Che from Saturday Night Live. You required a reliable town car service such as the LA VIP Car service to have the great experience you ever desired

As for the total computation of nominations, while Game of Thrones is the series with more nominations in total (22), American Crime Story: The murder of Gianni Versace leads in the category of miniseries (18), and Atlanta does it in the comedy (16).

Lastly, the lavipcarservice is always available in a few minutes. We can also count on the Curb app, which puts you in touch with various town car service companies, such as the lavipcarservice. You want to opt for LA VIP Car service if the trip is longer than expected or has stops. These cars, specialized in trips to LAX are bookable in advance, both in and out of Los Angels.

You Want To Get The Best La Vip Car Service For Your Great Trip Now

LA is one of the few American cities, in which you really recommend getting a car service from a dependable business such as the vipcarservice. The Los Angels’ parking lot may be a bit pricey (choosing a hotel with free parking is a significant factor when you’re doing your own thing). The time saving is real. LA is often congested at rush hours; freeways are damn convenient when you want to go to a place a little distant.


If you opt for LA Luxury Car Service and you plan to shine in the city, the use of a navigation app on your smartphone (or a GPS) will be of great help. The minimum is to have a good plan because rule number 1 for effective driving here is to always know where you are going before you go there. In other words, meticulously study the plan to determine the route to follow.


Comparing Different Car Park

The monitored car parks are generally expensive and very fluctuating in the tariffs. Parking can cost: about $ 40 a night on weekdays in Downtown and only $ 8 on weekends; at Venice Beach, it’s exactly the opposite, counting $ 10-15 a day on weekdays and $ 25-30 a day on weekends on sunny days.


If the price of a car park seems exorbitant while hiring an LA Luxury Car Service, you may try comparing the different type, sometimes prices collapse from one street to another. Before parking, read the signs along the sidewalk, always different from each other and giving very specific parking rules.


For example, in all streets, parking is prohibited 2 hours a day in the week for cleaning. Sometimes you have to take your car off between 7 am and 9 am and between 4 pm and 6 pm at the time of the rush hours, while some streets are reserved for residents only, etc.


In short, if there are several empty places in a street, do not rejoice too quickly, there is a good chance that you arrive in the forbidden time slot. But as you avail yourself the la VIP car services they will explain every detail needed to have a nice and hitch free trip.


Be On The Lookout For The Parking Space Paid Time

Sometimes, parking is allowed from 15 minutes to 1 hour free (agents then come in their rounds, numbers license plate to trap potential fraudsters).


In any case, even when parking is not free, you can rarely park more than 2 hours in a row as you get Los angels VIP Car service. Then you have to feed the parking meter (one per slot), which only accepts 25-cent coins and the payment card.


As soon as the paid time is up, the hungry beast blinks red and the Grand Inquisitor points as if by chance the tip of his nose to draw his notebook to stump! In general, the evening, past 20h at the latest, parking becomes free and no time limit.


Of course, it is easier to find places in small streets than in the immediate vicinity of major roads and main sites!


  • A red line on the edge of a sidewalk: total prohibition of parking and stopping.
  • A green line: parking possible for 20-30 minutes.
  • A yellow or white line: stop authorized only to disembark (or embark) a passenger.


The very best way to have great fun is indeed to get the Los angels VIP Car service drivers; they are well trained and have a vast knowledge of the LA.


Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority and other agencies are currently running the extensive system of bus and metro lines that are used by about one million people every day. However, barely more than 10% of the means of transport used are in common, against 50% in New York 6, which shows that Los Angeles still remains the city of the automobile.


You Can Count On The LA VIP Car Services Always

If you need the best luxury car service, you can count on us to offer you just that. Our vehicle fleet of recent years is impeccably maintained, so the LA VIP Car services are always ready to offer LA Rolls Royce Service, LA Mercedes Service and more. We also offer excellence in luxury executive chauffeur service.


The LA VIP Car services smartly uniformed drivers are the most experienced drivers and always remember the importance of respect and courtesy. The Vipcarservice Company knows the level of quality that top executives deserve and expect, and always strives to exceed those expectations.


When it comes to VIP car service, the la VIP car services are above the rest. Take a look at our impeccable LA car service vehicles. For a unique style expression, choose a black Range Rover from our LA cars service.


Of course, a large part of the population drives a fairly conventional car, but the number of drivers with special cars is relatively high. We meet Mercedes quite often and BMWs all the time, and again the local brands like the famous Ford Mustang. Many do not hesitate to opt for unique designs with original colors as you can see in the LA VIP Car services.

Private Car Service to HARD Summer Music Fest 2018

Private Car Service to HARD Summer Music Fest 2018

Airport services Corporate Accounts LA Highlights and VIP Car Service

HARD Summer Music Festival 2018 returns to Southern California on August 4 and 5, 2018 at the Speedway in Fontana! Our staff, at L.A. VIP Car Service, is looking forward to help you and your friends party at this highly anticipated summer event, and encourage you to check out our fleet of stylish, luxury cars and SUVs and make an online reservation a.s.a.p.

The two days are packed with an impressive lineup of electronic & hip-hop acts, and more, rain or shine, and performers taking the stage back to back.


On Saturday, August 4, the lineup includes Marshmello, Zeds Dead B2B Jauz, Yellow Mustard, Louis the Child, Flosstradamus, Troyboi, Rick Ross, Slushi, Suicide Boys, Jayden Smith, Ekali, Lil Skies, Valentino Khan, Bear Grills, Felix Da Housecat, Loud Luxury, Heckler, DJ Pimp, and many more.


On Sunday, August 5, the lineup features Travis Scott, Diplo B2B Dillon Francis, Virtual Self, M0, Virgil Abloh, San Holo, Trippie Redd, Snakehips, Kill the Snails, Big Wild, Lil Xan, Ghastly, Tokimonsta, K?D, Elohim, Will Clarke, Krane, YBN Nahmir, Mija, King Henry, Jack Harlow, and many more.


Starting time for the festival is 12:30 PM – 11:00 PM, both days. This is an 18+ event with special wristbands required for attendants 21 and over who plan to buy/consume alcohol. U.S. government issues identification and/or U.S. passports are required. Check the official site of HARD festival for more info on acceptable identification, the complete line up of performers taking the stage, and more.


HARD music festival is a widely popular event with tickets selling fast. We hope that you secured yours and additionally suggest you reserve one of our luxury car or limousine to the event and do away with the trouble of driving in the traffic, finding a decent parking space. Drive home in the safety of our comfortable cars, navigated by our experienced and responsible drivers.


Reserve your private car online or over the phone.


The organizers signaled improvements to few of areas such as festival signage, the overall layout and water features.

Please check out all the guidelines and festival policies on everything from acceptable ID cards to prohibited items, what you can take in, and entry/re-entry rules.