Why You Should Hire LA VIP Car Service

Why You Should Hire LA VIP Car Service

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No matter if you’re traveling tourist destination with friends or family, for business, or just a short trip by yourself, renting a car from Las Angeles VIP Car Service is the best way to have a stress-free journey.

While hiring a VIP car service in LA, you need not only a clean, well-maintained, and prompt car waiting for you at your pick-up destination, but also expect to get an extremely peaceful and exciting journey. That’s where we are the BEST. Our drivers are licensed, highly professional and skilled, and follow all travel protocols to make your trip as comfortable as it can get.

We provide the best car service airport drop-offs and pick-ups even during the pandemic. The LAX airport is the busiest in LA because it’s near to LA’s top tourist attractions. If you’re a resident of LA or a visitor and want a car service to or from LAX airport, you’re just a call away from having a nice car at your service within a few minutes.

The greatest advantage of LA VIP Car Service is that you can choose from a whole range of premium cars according to your needs. Whether you need a spacious 11-passenger van to embark on a holiday tour with your friends or want an Executive SUV to head to a business meeting or a wedding, or you wish to travel in a TESLA luxury car, we GOT YOU COVERED. You can get any car of your choosing at competitive rates.

We take pride in providing the best travel facilities to all customers moving anywhere in LA. Contrary to what many people think, luxury car service is not an expensive bargain as it gives you value for money. LA VIP Car Service provides way better service than public transport and makes sure the client gets in the car, sits back, relaxes, and let the professional driver do the job without worrying about anything. Lastly, VIP Car Service in LA is a luxurious, super-comfortable, and safer car service to make your journey a smooth and unforgettable experience. You can count on us for any kind of travel within LA.

Best Hourly Luxury Car Service For Halloween Party During Pandemic Covid 19

Best Hourly Luxury Car Service For Halloween Party During Pandemic Covid 19

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Luxury car service is helpful if you’re planning a Halloween party this year. Halloween is the second most widely celebrated holiday in the United States as Christmas is the first, and the second is Halloween (October 31st). Why not with the best luxury car hourly service during this Covid 19 pandemic? Car service near LAX is easy to plan a party for your kids or your friends.

I love driving and moving around in October to see all the fun decorating ideas that people use. It’s fun creating unique Halloween decorations year after year and fun to see everyone else, and I think the costumes get better every year too, don’t they?

We’re big Halloween fans here at Lavipcarservice. That’s why we’re proud to offer our black car and luxury car options to our customers who want to experience something truly spectacular. There is no better way to get you and your friends the best parties this season than a car service near LAX.

Getting The Right Luxury Car

It probably shouldn’t be a question to think about as a luxury car is the best, but there are many types. Things get more complicated these days as one kind of service is better suited than another for the Halloween party you are thinking of. A good lax car service provider will often ask you where you would like to use the luxury car and recommend the right one.

A black car is often the right choice when you want to party with close friends or perhaps party on the go. There is ample space for a fully stocked bar, center table, a ref, audio-visual surround sound system with a large stunning LCD TV screen, and any luxury reclining or even rotating seat.

During this coronavirus covid19, you can have a small party or gathering that beats a party at home or in a restaurant using lax car service. A Car service near LAX Company can even make appetizers or sandwiches at the champagne and laden wine bar, as long as you arrange for it.

If you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary with your loved one and have a more intimate party together, a traditional limo may be suitable for the occasion. A more nostalgic ride, a classic or vintage sedan, is a great option, but you may need a specialist rental company such as Lavipcarservice with luxury cars.

Benefits Of A Reliable Car Service

When you need to get to your destination and don’t want to go through the hassle of driving your car, finding parking, and paying big bucks to park your vehicle overnight or for an extended time, give a car service near LAX a call to help you. A reliable luxury car service company can make sure you get to the place you want with enough time. Your driver can drop you off at your door and help you with your bags. This significantly reduces your travel time. You can relax instead of rushing or, worse, missing out on something.

Another benefit of using a Lax car service is making calls or finishing any work that needs to be done in a relaxed manner. When you have a party in town, call a car service to pick you up. While a professional does the driving, you can take care of any calls or email tasks you need to complete on time. If you were driving, you wouldn’t be able to do these types of tasks.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of car service. When guests come to town for a party like Halloween, a car service can pick them up and take them to the hotel. You don’t have to find out who is going to a particular designated location, and you don’t have to worry about being late. Let a car service do it all so you can relax and enjoy your special party day.

How To Hire A Party Car

Look For A Strong Reputation

Ensure you hire a driver from a Lax car service business with a strong reputation for reliability and service. The company should be able to provide all the necessary licenses and certificates for insurance coverage quickly. Ask for a list of past clients’ references, make sure they adhere to the covid19 guidelines and give them a call to learn about the company. Also, check all their documentation before signing any deposit agreement.

Check To Avoid Paying A Gratuity Twice.

Find out if the car service near LAX’s full cost includes the driver’s tip to avoid paying double. However, if you find the driver exceptional, you can shoot him for a few extra bucks at the end. Also, make sure you can inspect the vehicle before arrival time. If you’re in an older car with dented bumpers and sore dirt, it can take away your enjoyment. Inspect the vehicle before arrival so you can be sure your car will arrive wonderfully, that’s clean and neat.

Check For A Discount.

If your Halloween party has many people, you may want to find out if you can get a discount if you reserve more than one vehicle. While cramming everyone into a car sounds like a fun idea at first, your guests will appreciate the opportunity to stretch out and enjoy the ride instead of sitting on each other’s laps during this covid 19.

Review The Company’s Overtime Policy.

In case you exceed the allotted time, you should consult the company’s overtime policy. Many companies increase the hourly rate after a certain time, so be sure to read the fine print and do your research before making a decision.

You want to stay organized. Instead of spending a lot of time picking up and dropping off everyone, consider setting up a common area to pick up and drop off guests. This step saves money as well as time in the long run.

Lastly, if you want your family or friends to have a great time this Halloween, we are the right people to contact. With the best luxury car, our drivers can take you anywhere, and we will make sure you have a lot of fun on the road and follow the safety rules for your Halloween party during Covid 19 pandemic.

Support local businesses by choosing LA VIP car service for your transportation needs in Los Angeles

Support local businesses by choosing LA VIP car service for your transportation needs in Los Angeles

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In this era of globalization, our society is with a limited number of amenities that thrive locally and have a solitary character of their own. In times of financial vulnerability, the chief objective of people is to undoubtedly curtail their expenses and tighten the strings of their purse as much as possible to secure themselves from impending crises, if any. Such scenarios drive a common man to fall back on local businesses that qualify each of their transaction as precious and attempt to justify every penny spent on procuring their services.

For those of you who live in Los Angeles or have plans of visiting the city any time soon can hire LA VIP car service for your transportation needs to support the local business and help the community make its mark on the global map. For those of you who might not know, a fair chunk of the amount that is spent obtaining the yields of a local business is dedicated to the welfare of the community. In an age that whole-heartedly vouches for all-inclusiveness, there cannot be a better way of amplifying this principle other than resorting to the recourses furnished by the native entrepreneurs.

The best part about the LA car service lies in the fact that you can hire them for any event and however long you want. This implies that you will be spared from the distress of waiting at your venue for hours with the ambiguity of whether or not you will find a cab and if at all you do, there’s uncertainty about the amount that it will charge to transfer you to your destination. However, with the taxi service in concern here, you will have access to facilities of a luxury car at affordable rates coupled with clean driving records and courtesy on the part of the drivers to ensure that you reach your destination safely and are, most importantly, satisfied at the end of the ride.

Also, we cannot go without accepting the verity that LA VIP car service provides an array of versatile can service; be it airport transfers, corporate accounts, and business travels or luxury hourly car services- name it and you will have it. Your chauffeur will be with you the whole time even if he has to wait in his vehicle for a few hours while you attend the chores waiting for you. Unlike the national and international brands running can services, with LA VIP you will not only have suave cars to enjoy your LAX ride in but, as a gesture of appreciation for being its loyal customer, you will be offered discounts from time to time when you open an account with them.

Like we have mentioned in the preceding section, there is no solid reason that justifies why you should bank on the so-called “brands” when you have a local business anticipating to assist you with services that go beyond the mark of the best and make certain that the whole arrangement is benefitting you as a customer and the community it belongs to. Additionally, let’s not forget how local businesses are accountable to their customers- the most important requirements that should be paid heed to when obtaining a service.

You can count on us for your San Antonio Winery Harvest Festival.

You can count on us for your San Antonio Winery Harvest Festival.

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Your safety is important to us. For San Antonio Festival, the La Vip car service specialist drivers may quickly get you there, so that you can concentrate on your holiday season. We’re available every hour as indicated. We’re among the best recommended and many competent and flexible services to meet them all of your needs. Our goal from La Vip Car Service is to give the most dependable and best car transportation support for San Antonio Winery Harvest Festival. Our rates are offered with no charges, and no cost increases like any other service out there. Our economical options are cheaper than cab fares to from the game’s locations.

This year’s Festival will be changing Winery Harvest grounds in a fall wonderland in celebration of our harvest and the autumn season! Enjoy the offerings of beer, wine, samples of your favored LA food, live music performances and entertainment, a charity grape stomp, raffle and prizes, and much more. Beverages all meals samples, and entertainment included in the purchase of the ticket. Additional items will be purchasable in the event. Spend the day with us frolicking around this wine-themed harvest celebration we hope to see you there! For the transportations, you can trust LA VIP car services and their costs, all rates are confirmed during the time of booking. If you need transportation for yourself, you’re loved one or your mates to grab this great Festival at San Antonio, LA VIP Car Services are the right option.

Date And Time

Sat, September 28, 2019

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT


San Antonio Winery

737 Lamar Street

Los Angeles, CA 90031

The Best L.A VIP Car Service To Greek Festivals In L.A 2018

The Best L.A VIP Car Service To Greek Festivals In L.A 2018

Airport services Corporate Accounts LA Highlights and VIP Car Service

With the best car service in Los Angeles, your trip to the Greek Festivals 2018 will be easy as you enjoy your stay in the city of angels and celebrities. In this city dedicated to the 7th Art, The L.A VIP Car Services, very well placed, are at your disposal.

The Los Angeles Greek Festival is the biggest as well as major iconic Greek wine and food festival in LA, California; L.A VIP Car Service is indeed one of the means of bringing together the above 15,000 people over a 3 day weekend of Greek food, wine, traditional Greek dances, and unique cultural experiences.

The Greek Festival Unites Residents

Located in Pico and Normandy on the grounds of one of St. Petersburg’s most beautiful and well-known Greek Orthodox cathedrals, the Saint Sophia Cathedral! The festival unites residents of the Byzantine-Latin American neighborhood with people employing the L.A VIP Car Service from all over downtown Los Angeles and Southern California.

Hosted with great and stunning honorary chairs and also co-hosts Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, the great weekend is indeed a must for popular live music, implausible home-cooked Greek food, dance, cathedral tours and more.

Over and again, the well-known Saint Sophia Los Angeles Greek Festival community gathers to support, honor and also donate their precious time as well as money to this very wonderful festival of faith, food, culture, and even dance. All of the proceeds will go to the St. Sophia Cathedral and the newly built and sprawling community center.

Not The Public Transport Means

The Huffington Center, and contribute to the development of the surrounding community. The best transportation to get to the Greek festival is a not the public transport means, but by the well-known L.A VIP Car Service. The tours of Sophia Cathedral, a wonderful religious gem and then the famous national landmark and also architectural will be held all through the Los Angeles Greek Festival weekend

Find L.A VIP Car Service at the international airport, as iconic places such as Venice Beach, Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. Browse the internet and select the best location to pick up your L.A VIP Car Service.

Enjoy An L.A VIP Car Service For Your Stay In The City Of Angels

Prepare your trip to Los Angeles now, with a simple and convenient online booking. Consult the page corresponding to your agency and find the opening hours. Renting a car in Los Angeles can also be done by phone, and the withdrawal of the L.A VIP Car Service can be done 24 hours a day.

From the airport to Beverly Hills, we offer a full line of MPVs, SUVs and other convertibles available to you in the second largest city in the United States. Compare the prices in a few clicks and simply know that, whatever the L.A VIP Car Service vehicle of your choice, we can only guarantee the reserved category.

L.A VIP Car Services

L.A VIP Car Services offers you numerous and competitive offers. Our fleet is large and our passenger cars, like our more luxurious models, are like new. Lovers of sports cars, lovers of beautiful cars, will feast at an economical price. Indeed, find Chevrolet, Ford Mustang, Land Rover, or Mercedes in our services.

In addition to a significant number of categories of cars, L.A VIP Car Service also offers a wide selection of options to book online to go for your Greek festival trips.

L.A VIP Car Service Traffic Information

In a city as big as LA, a transport service such as the L.A VIP Car Service is absolutely essential. However, be prepared to face heavy traffic on the city’s highways. Our advice? Remember to include a GPS in your rental vehicle and/or download the applications related to the traffic on your phone. Beware of speeding, highways are controlled. If you rent a car in Los Angeles, you will take the main highways regularly.

The famous 405, also called Santa Monica Freeway, is known for its panoramic views. Along the Pacific coast, it connects to the Ventura Highway, or Route 101. The latter provides access to Culver City, Skirball Cultural Center, or Westfield Mall. To avoid traffic jams, consider taking the I-5 directly through downtown Los Angeles.

Greek Festivals With Over A Dozen Events

The Greek festivals in Los Angeles and Southern California have come to stay, and with more than a dozen events in the valley in this very 2018, there are plenty of opportunities to experience Greek culture.

Almost all Greek Orthodox churches have many people to enjoy during the season; most events are free or cheap, so nothing can stop you from having fun.

If this is your very first Greek festival, do not be afraid to jump on the dance floor with everyone and learn on the fly. Although there are complex Greek dances, you can easily follow a few simple rules for Greek dance out there.

Rules For Greek Dance

Whether you are hoping for a partner or walking alone on the dance floor, the first rule of Greek dance is always to follow the leader. If a dance has many variations, there is no particular order to dance the steps, so the leader calls which step to do with the signals of his hand.

On the 22nd and 23rd of September, Saturday and Sunday, there will be a church tour out there at 13:00 and 17:00 or you can as well check for the time if you are not sure of this fact. The Greek folk dance starts on both days at 17:00.


You can book your VIP-car service HERE to major Greek events, or contact us at L.A VIP Car Service and let us help you choose a clean, fresh and comfy Car as to get you to these incredible festivals.


Lastly, the LA is Famous for the diversity of its workforce; LA is an important business center. And again, the City of Angels is not only a true leader in festivals or the popular entertainment niche. It is also a pioneer in some other sectors like fashion and biomedical, and with the LA VIP car service, you are sure to have the Greek festivals and also enjoy some other LA spots if you want.